The Mozambican Banana Industry

Mozambique has a mild tropical climate with no extreme heat and cold that enjoys a high amount of rainfall. Soils are mostly fertile with free draining and a good ability to retain moisture, ensuring the best potential for the production of fruit crops in southern Africa. The road network in Mozambique for fruit transport is well developed in the south, and reasonably developed in the central and northern areas. There are major ports within 200 to 300 km of all major production zones. Bananas are exported by ship from Nacala in the north, and by truck via the Komatipoort border post in the south.

Banana production

The production of bananas has steadily increased over the past decades, with a small decrease in 2016 to 518,000 tonnes. Most recent data shows that Mozambique produced around 580,000 tonnes in 2017 (Source: FAOSTAT, Mar 4, 2019).


With the increase in production over the past decades, the exported quantity of bananas has increased as well, but experienced a dip in 2015 and 2016. The majority of exported bananas goes to the South African market (Source: FAOSTAT, Mar 4, 2019). 

Production growth potential

According to the latest available data of 2016, only 5.3% (300,000 ha) of the total 56,500 km² arable land is currently used for permanent crops. Of these 300,000 ha, only 75,000 ha currently produce bananas (Source: FAOSTAT, Mar 4, 2019).

This means there is enormous growth potential for growing crops in Mozambique, including the production of bananas. 

The Banana Industry in Numbers



The total amount of bananas produced in 2017.

The production of bananas has steadily increased over the past decades, with a small decrease in 2016 to 518,000 tonnes.  

(Source: FAOSTAT, Mar 4, 2019)



The quantity of bananas exported in 2016. 


The exported quantity makes up roughly 13.5% of total produced amount of bananas in Mozambique.

​(Source: FAOSTAT, Mar 4, 2019)



The percentage of the total exported quantity that was sent to South Africa in 2016 (63,993 tonnes).

Other exporting markets are the UAE (6.3%) and Kuwait (2.2%).

​(Source: FAOSTAT, Mar 4, 2019)



The amount of land used for banana production in 2017.

With only 5.3% of arable land being used for permanent crops, the growth potential is enormous.

​(Source: FAOSTAT, Mar 4, 2019)

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