Banana Producer Association Mozambique

BANANAMOZ represents commercial banana producers across Mozambique.

The main objective of the association, registered in 2019, is to unite and represent banana producers in political and economic discussions, promote the qualitative and quantitative production of bananas in Mozambique and to increase the appreciation and consumption of the nationally produced bananas within the country.

Currently we are also combining our efforts and sharing our knowledge to deal with aggressive banana diseases affecting commercial production.

Bananas in Mozambique

A perfect climate for growing bananas

Mozambique has a mild tropical climate with no extreme heat and cold that enjoys a high amount of rainfall. Soils are mostly fertile with free draining and a good ability to retain moisture, ensuring the best potential for the production of fruit crops.

2017 Data shows that Mozambique produced around 580,000 tonnes of bananas, with the main exporting market being South Africa.

As only a small percentage of arable land is currently being used, the growth potential for all crops, including bananas, is very large.

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